Spoken English Bengaluru

Spoken English Coaching Classes in Horamavu Bengaluru

Spoken English Course Location :  Horamav, HBR, OMBR, HRBR Layouts, Kalyan Nagar,Banaswadi, TC Palya, Kasturinagar, Kamanhalli,Babusapalya (Spoken English Horamavu)

Spoken English Horamavu Morning Schedule: Timings : 9  to 11 am, Mon to Thursday (4 Days)-6 Weeks.

Spoken English Horamavu Evening Schedule: Timings : 6 to 8 pm, Mon to Thursday (4 Days)- 6 Weeks.

Spoken English Horamavu Weekend Schedule: Timings :  9 to 11 am Sat and Sun(2 Days)-10 Weeks.

  • No of Hrs 50 hrs ( Basic level )
  • No of Hrs 50 hrs ( Intermediate level )
  • No of Hrs 50 hrs ( Higher Intermediate level )
  • Cost Per Level  – Rs 8000/-Spoken English Horamavu

Bengaluru Locations Covered  – 5 kms radius ( HBR Layout , HRBR Layout ,Banaswadi ,TC Palya,Kasturinagar , OMBR layout, Kamanahalli main road , Horamavu Agara , Horamavu area,   Kalyan nagar , Babusapalya ). 



Master IELTS & Spoken English

Screening Test

Name: ………………………………………… Date: ………………………. Ph no. : ……………………………..

  1. Fill in the blanks


  1. What can I ________do______________ for you?
  2. When is the ____________arrivel_____ bus to Mumbai?
  3. Where are you ___________going______________?
  4. Why are you ________coming____________ today?
  5. Who is that ____________________?
  6. How can I __________help____ you?
  7. Is she your _______sister_________?
  8. Are you _______________now_____ at school?
  9. Was she your _________sister________________?
  10. Were you _________they__________ going to the school, daily?
  11. Am I to _______________ you?
  12. Have you ______done_______ your homework?
  13. Do you like to see my ________family members___________?
  14. Did you _____________see____ the temple before?


  1. He is my _________friend_______.
  2. Peter had two ____________________.
  3. The boss requested me to ___bring______________ the files.
  4. We are ___________at______ forever.
  5. I have _____________ the work.
  6. Love gives ________________ it cannot be bought.
  7. He can speak well in ____mother tounge_____________.
  8. Knowledge is _____precious_____________.
  9. I have two _______childerns_________ to take care.
  10. My father __is_____working____________ at a school.
  11. I can drive a car, but I cannot ride a ___horse_________________.
  12. Winning is one thing, and __________________ it is another thing.
  13. We are _________close_________ friends.
  14. Ronnie and John are true ________________________.
  15. The selfish live for themselves the generous live for ________________.
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I am a Spoken English Student. My confidence level of communication is improved, so i recommend the Trainer (Mr. Anil Kumar).
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