IELTS Course Horamavu Bengaluru

IELTS Preparation Course Horamavu, Bengaluru & Tirupati

International English Language Testing System (IELTS Course Horamavu  Bengaluru & Tirupati)

IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where English is the language of communication. IELTS Course Horamavu Bengaluru and Tirupati offered by Expert Trainers with 20 years of experience.

No.1 IELTS Training Institute in Bangalore

With Maximum no. of IELTS Student’s Score 7.5 and Above.

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

100 Students Scored IELTS Band 7.5 and Above

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Aravvindhan’s Review:

Anil has tons of experience and is eloquent in speaking English that gave me a sense of confidence when I opted for the training. I had a short span of time to prepare for the test and I was lacking a little bit in the speaking and writing part of the test. Anil helped me improve my writing by a substantial margin. He performed an initial assessment of my style of speaking and writing and then he set up sessions everyday for at least half hour switching between the two modules. The materials that were provided by him was useful in many ways as it focused on the basics of the language overall rather than a assist to the test.

I strongly recommend anyone who is having doubts about their English get their skills evaluated and polished by Anil. I managed to score a 8.5 Band in IELTS Academic with his help



Student’s Feedback about Course  ⬇️


IELTS Online Preparation Course Banglore

Student’s Feedback about Course  ⬇️

IELTS Online Preparation Classes Banglore

Student’s Feedback about Course  ⬇️

IELTS 2020 Band 8.0 Masterprep Ielts Bangalore

Mr.Karunakaran IELTS Band- 8.0 ( L-8.5 , S-8, R-8, W-7)

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IELTS Weekday Schedule : 
Batch 1 Time : 7 – 9 am Monday to Thursday
Batch 2 Time : 9.30 – 11.30 am Mon to Thurs
Batch 3 Time : 5 – 7 pm Monday to Thursday
Batch 4 Time : 7 – 9 pm Monday to Thursday

IELTS Weekend Schedule
Saturday and Sunday Time : 8 – 11 am 
Weekend Mock test Time:  11.30 am- 2.30 pm (Every Weekend)
Saturday and Sunday Time : 4 – 7 pm 


Hiring Spoken English and IELTS Trainers (1-Part time and 1-Full time)

Minimum 2 yr of  Teaching Experience from Test Preparation or Language Training Institute with Excellent Communication Skills, Preferred with Real IELTS Test, Band score of 8.0 and Above.

Suitable Candidates Send Your CV :

IELTS is jointly managed by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL), British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia. IELTS conforms to the highest international standards of language assessment.

IELTS Course Horamavu

IELTS Listening Test lasts for about 30 minutes. It consists of four sections, played on cassette tape, in order of increasing difficulty. Each section might be a dialogue or a monologue. The test is played once only, and the questions for each section must be answered while listening, although time is given for students to check their answers.

IELTS Reading Test lasts for 60 minutes. Students are given an Academic Reading test, or a General Training Reading test. Both tests consist of three sections, and in both tests the sections are in order of increasing difficulty.

IELTS Writing Test also lasts for 60 minutes. Again, students take either an Academic Module, or a General Training Module. Students must perform two writing tasks, which require different styles of writing. There is no choice of question topics.

IELTS Speaking Test consists of a one-to-one interview with a specially trained examiner. The interview is recorded and has three separate parts: An introduction and interview, an individual long turn where the candidate speaks for one or two minutes on a particular topic, and a two-way discussion thematically linked to the individual long turn. This interview will last for approximately 11-14 minutes. Contact Master IELTS & Spoken English CenterIELTS 2020 Band 8.0 Masterprep Ielts Bangalore.

39 thoughts on “IELTS Course Horamavu Bengaluru”

  1. Anil sir provides a lot of materials and is focuses on his students to achieve higher scores.He provides undivided attention to all his students. I recommend this institute for all IELTS aspirants who wants to score good marks.

  2. A good coaching center,unlink other centers were the duration is fixed to a span of one or two months and have limited materials, here anil sir gave me support till the exam day and provided me a wide varity of materials.

  3. Anil sir a down to earth man clears as many doubts u bring
    I joined the institute for a short span of 15 days and I scored 8.0 band he not only gave me inspiration but also boosted my personality skills.i strongly recommend this institution it’s not like the present money making centres present these days it’s more of a homely feeling here

  4. Anil sir has best teaching skills. He will pay complete attention for his students. He is flexible with class timings provided there are other time slots available. He will insist on practicing more and more so that students get used to test environment. He takes his students goals as his mission and helps them to reach it comfortably. At a time he will prefer to have students in small batches, compared to other IELTS institution where there are 30-40 students in a batch. I really appreciate his dedication, hats off to you sir.

  5. Its been quite a over whelming experience. As I had a very short period of time to prepare, and I was not quite not sure where I stand and what my weakest link.

    Initially Anil observes you and trains you accordingly. He dedicates his entire time to help you improve your over all L/R/S/W. He does not rate you on your scores what he gives, but he tries to analyse you better and give your more practice on how to make things better. This way he tries to strengthen on the weakest points so that he/she could over come the flaws. Over a period of time you will be see the results…

    I could see it in 10 days, as I had a very less time to prepare he always dedicated his time when ever i needed help. He was always a phone call away. One call he just helps you if you show your interest,

    Thanks Anil

  6. Hi, I am Venugopal, working member..Planning to re-locate to Canada, hence required to take IELTS exam. The only time i have is in weekends. Kindly let me know the program structure and fees. I intend to take the exam in Mar / Apr 2018.

  7. Dear Anilji,

    Thank you so much for all your support and help me in getting good score in IELTS. Appreciate your structured way of teaching and working with each individual on their weakness.

    All your teaching and technique helped me writing IELTS with confidence

    Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH

  8. Extensive mock tests helped me be mentally focused on my upcoming exams. valuable feedback after each test was provided to improve my scores. I believe one can make the best use of this privilege. thankyou master prep.

  9. Anil sir’s institute made me realize and understand the IELTS exam pattern very fast and in the most efficient way.
    At first attempt i got overall band score 7 for which i am happy.
    His course material is more than sufficient for even a first timer to get 7 or 7.5 band very easily.
    His attention given individually especially at the exam time is very helpful.
    I suggest this institute to others who want to achieve a good IELTS band score in less time.

    1. I had been a part of Anil Sir’s IELTS classes for both general n academic IELTS. It was very helpful and indeed I could score well all because of the efforts Anil Sir has put up and the materials he had given were of great help. Despite me being unable to attend few classes and shortage of time to take the exam , he had helped me in the most possible way. My general IELTS scores are : L8.5 R8 W7 S7 and academic IELTS scores are : L8.5 R8 W 7.5 S 7.5. I would recommend Masterielts to any IELTS aspirant as it’s d best in d city.

  10. Am a working professional with very less time to spare. It was Ani’s professional approach that helped to stay focused on the subject. His out of the box approach in motivating people really brings a lot of change in the way we communicate. Am overwhelmed and happy for my results. It would have not been possible without Anil’s support. I cracked the IELTS in the first attempt with a overall score of 7.5. He is more a mentor than a coach. – Vinod

  11. Customised training. Helped me to identify my weakness and work on it. One to one attention is given. Mr. Anil helped me in getting the desired score.

  12. I strongly recommend this center if you are looking for coaching along with a moral boost. He is very encouraging and goes beyond timing to help you. All the efforts of his with your own hard work will definitely pay off.
    Since I was on the weekend classes he made sure that I completed all the materials before going for the exam.
    This is the right place to go for ielts classes so without second thought go for it….

  13. The Exercise class is very good and helpful. All thanks to Mr.Anil Sir for his excellent coaching.The module as a whole is very well delivered and the lecturer makes it interesting and therefore making a good learning experience. He makes sure that we complete the whole material on time. He notices the performance and helps in a particular difficult module. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to get a desired score without his personal support.
    This is the right place to get ur required IELTS Score…..

  14. One of the best training institute in Bangalore for those who want to improve their IELTS scores. Each individual gets personal attention and regular feedback. I personally felt very good about improving my writing skills post training. I strongly recommend to students who need guidance for preparing ielts . Thanku Anil sir for all your support.

    1. One of the best institution, I learned a lot about English language writing and reading, it really helped me a lot because in my work field I meet my clients and there it helped me a lot, thank you so much for all ur training and coaching.

  15. Good coaching center to take up IELTS training.
    Anil sir provides a lot of training materials which helps to increase our confidence to face the exam.There are even mock test conducted which gives us a real time experience of the actual test.
    Individual focus on students is also given especially for writing task.He is so keen in helping us to achieve our band marks. Ready to provide classes whenever needed with no time limits.

  16. Very good coaching centre for IELTS Training. Best practices are done. Provides flexible time for practice. writing papers are evaluated and feedback is genuine. I scored well after joining the classes and Thanks to Anil Sir. Dedicated attention is given to all and speaking mock tests especially increased my confidence. Listening skills are increased by varied type of mock tests. Grammar is improved which helps lot in writing.
    I strongly recommend the Institute for the coaching.

  17. Very Helpful and genuine institute to master your IELTS exam..I appreciate Anil Sir’s eye for detail in writing section and the honest feedbacks received. He works collaboratively with individual students to pull up the scores. Batch size is small so attention to each student is certain. His vast experience helps you learn various scenarios which earlier students have faced and were critical. You are prepared for such questions/situations before you actually appear for real exam. I cracked IELTS in my FIRST attempt..and all credit goes to Anil Sir @ Master Ielts. I definitely recommend this institute.

  18. An Excellent institute for people who are trying to improve their IELTS band scores. Mr.Anil sir had been very helpful right from the start, he provided me with lots of different study materials and helped me to improve myself in every way possible. The class timings are flexible and individual attention is given to all. He also makes sure that the students gets familiar with the test pattern and the timings by having mock tests. His teachings, techniques, and feedback certainly helped me to achieve my goal. I really recommend this institute for all.

    I sincerely thank Mr. Anil sir for his support and valuable advices which helped me in many ways.

  19. MasterIELTS
    – Like people say one man Army, Anil sir is the same one man army.
    – He takes coaching for all the sections.
    – Feels like a personal trainer when exam dates are near. He’ll make sure one is given proper attention for the sections he/she is poor in.
    – I was very scared of IELTS thinking I might have to reattempt but it was like a cake walk.
    – All thanks to Anil sir I was able to not only score the magical CLB 9 but i got more in other sections as well. THANK YOU


  20. Excellent institute for IELTS coaching.Anil sir gives personal attention to each and every student.He has keen attention to detail,explains the common occuring mistakes with its solutions and points out the areas of improvement.During the whole duration of course a lot of practice is done.Especially the weekend mock test are very helpful as we practice in same time frame as actual test occurs.I would surely recommend IELTS takers to start coaching at Master Ielts center.Not only he provides with good coaching but also increases your morale.Due to Sir’s guidance i was able to get good band score in academic in first attempt.
    I sincerely thank Anil Sir for all the help and guidance due to which i got a good score….thank you Sir.

  21. This classes do full justice to people who are aspiring to fly abroad for immigration or academic visa purpose.
    Tremendous coaching material given and also the efforts shown by Anil sir is commendable.
    Flexible timings available from classes which ain’t available anywhere else in bangalore.
    Must go for classes for candidates who have future plans for migrating to other countries.
    There is also money back guarantee which no other classes offers in Bangalore, so therefore you can understand the level of coaching given by MASTER PREP.

  22. I got 7.5 overall score in IELTS which I believe would have not been possible without joining Masterielts. There are many institutes available in the city but I believe that Masterielts will offer you more value to your money and justice to your time. Regular feed backs and weekend tests will keep you motivated throughout the course.
    Anil Sir will always be available one to one to help you in any short comings and will guide you to bring out your best in least time.
    I feel that it was worth investing in Masterielts and I sincerely thank Anil Sir for guiding me.

  23. An Excellent institute for people who are trying to improve their IELTS band scores. I got overall 7 in academic IELTS which would have not been possible without Anil sir’s support. He made sure that I finish all the materials and tests before attending my exams. He can identify the strength and weakness of each student and thus help them accordingly. He believes in the success of his students than making money and hence almost all his students are able to achieve their desired score. I sincerely thank Anil Sir for all the help and guidance..

  24. Anil sir is a fantastic person and a great teacher. I feel he is the best for IELTS and similar kind of exams. He will make each and every student to practice lot of question papers before the exam day. Moreover, he provides individual attention on the weaker areas.

    Thanks a lot sir for providing your help and valuable guidance. You rock….

  25. No doubt, you will get ample of legit materials to practice for all the sections which will going to improve your score. Anil sir personally emphasize on the individual growth. Because of this, i was able to get desired score.

  26. Anil Sir had been a great support throughout my coaching. He gave individual attention and motivation till the end. Although I wanted to give up due to my work pressure, he encouraged me to focus for few more days and that actually gave me confidence to take up the test. Finally I scored 7.0 band score despite many challenges. Overall it’s a great place to learn English Language Skills.

  27. I am indebted to Anil Sir for his excellent coaching on IELTS which resulted in a decent score on my first attempt. To be honest i have only gone through the materials and tution classes of this course. Rigourous mock tests are performed daily, starting two weeks ahead of the original exam schedule, which will enable the candidate to be well prepared for the real IELTS test. Also, sufficient materials are provided which can also be referred at home for further preparation. The flexibility of the course timings, grammar classes, individual attention to each candidate, retrospective of the mistakes, are few of the highlights of the course.
    Finally My scores – (L-8.5,R-7.5,W-6.5,S-7). I sincerely thank Anil Sir for his valuable suggestions and support during the course.


  28. Master IELTS, an institute for all those who are looking for the right guidance and motivation to score well in IELTS test. Anil sir is a dedicated mentor and very true to his profession. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to score a band score of 7 in academics but with your help sir. Thanks to Anil sir for the massive support and confidence you imposed in me. I appreciate your effort to make vocabulary classes purposeful.

  29. The training course is well structured and Sir provides ample material. There are several revisions and trainings which highlight techniques and methods on how to crack the IELTS exam. A friendly and holistic approach is taken to ensure that every candidate benefits. Anil Sir would explain the key pointers to maximize your scores, self practice and commitment is needed to ensure desired results. Anil Sir offers the right motivation, individual attention and guidance on all aspects.
    I am thankful for all the support and encouragement.

  30. I attended sir’s classes for about 2 weeks as I was in Bangalore for a short visit and had to take up the ielts examination soon due to shortage of time . I was recommended by a colleague of mine regarding Anil sirs classes which is why I chose to join. Sir gave me the latest sample question papers and made sure I’d sit for tests everyday while he timed me . I honestly had no confidence in myself initially due to the lack of time however sirs words of encouragement and constant support worked wonders. His tips on how to go about every single section and time management helped me a great deal in achieving the desired score. I would recommend every single aspiring individual to attend his classes. A big thank you to sir. Would carry the sweets from Kolkata the next time I visit Bangalore.

  31. Masterielts is a very good training center. The trainer Mr. Anil is highly knowledgeable and skilled in teaching english as a foreign language. His keen interest in individual candidate is amazing. He efficiently identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates and guides them accordingly. The grammar classes conducted are of great help to everyone.
    The environment is very friendly and learning here is fun loving. The timings of the classes are varied and suit every individual whether they are students or employees. There is possibility of being flexible for timings and schedules are altered to suit the needs of the candidate.
    The material provided is vast and sufficient enough to prepare for the exam. The weekly tests conducted which simulate the actual exam gives confidence in facing the exam. Mr. Anil takes effort to conduct the speaking test for individual candidate which helps in improving the communication skills.
    I really enjoyed attending classes here and I have improved my language skills significantly. I thank Mr. Anil for guiding me and helping me improve my skills through which I could achieve a high band score of 8.5

  32. Masterprep ielts coaching center is a very effective and productive institute to get the best results out of you. I enrolled for coaching after my first attempt for general training. My results were quite bad though i completed my formal education in English medium, that is when i realized that i would need some coaching on modules where i am losing time and correct answers. As a working professional i could hardly spend time and be regular to classes as well. Anil Sir kept pushing me though i was not able to attend classes as he use to give me assignments to complete. His feedback after our practice each day is to the point and also would suggest us ways to improve. As a student i just kept working on the feedback and made sure i practiced though i wasn’t present for classes.
    After two months of on and off practice I took up my exams and I could get my desired scores. All credits to Anil sir’s valuable feedback, coaching and motivation which has helped me to improve my scores..
    Thank you sir.
    I would recommend anybody interested to take up exams like IELTS, PTE, TOEFLE etc to choose Masterprep.

  33. I joined Anil sir’s class with speculation. Took two months to decide on joining the course. Once i joined i understood that was a good decision i made. As IELTS aspirants we know English, but that is not what matters in the test, we need to know what is our strengths and weakness and work on it accordingly as everyone’s level of English is different. Anil sir will do a SWOT analysis and will guide you where you need to put you emphasis on. His teaching methods are not traditional, i can compare his methodology to car driving school classes, just explain the basics and just hit on the practice tests and give feedback to improve. I followed his instruction meticulously and i managed to get CLB9 band.
    Listening – 8.5
    Reading – 8.0
    Speaking – 7.5
    Writing – 7.0

    He guides you not only on technical stuff, also around things which may look little but help you a lot. I followed his advice of having a chocolate before exams for suppressing your anxiety, and it really worked, i was cool before the exams.

    If you are looking for a professional IELTS trainer, he is the best fit you can find.

  34. Anil has tons of experience and is eloquent in speaking English that gave me a sense of confidence when I opted for the training. I had a short span of time to prepare for the test and I was lacking a little bit in the speaking and writing part of the test. Anil helped me improve my writing by a substantial margin. He performed an initial assessment of my style of speaking and writing and then he set up sessions everyday for at least half hour switching between the two modules. The materials that were provided by him was useful in many ways as it focused on the basics of the language overall rather than a assist to the test.

    I strongly recommend anyone who is having doubts about their English get their skills evaluated and polished by Anil. I managed to score a 8.5 Band in IELTS Academic with his help

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